Support Your Shepherd!

Endorse the agent who helped you.

How to Endorse

  • An agent is only eligible for an endorsement after the team has earned a significant amount of experience together.
  • Once a Shepherd is eligible, you receive a prompt asking if you want to endorse.
  • Press and hold “Up” on your d-pad to endorse.
  • If you miss the prompt, there will be a message on your screen: Pending Shepherd Vote In Social
  • To endorse from the “Social“ screen.
    1. Bring up the Social screen.
    2. Select the Shepherd agent's name.
    3. Select the “Endorse” option that has a thumbs-up next to it.

What is an Endorsement?

  • It’s a way to thank the agents who answer your calls for help.
  • When you endorse an agent, you increase that agent's Shepherd rank by a small amount.
  • Shepherds need 15 endorsements to reach rank 2, and 7 endorsements for each rank after that.
  • The number between the two wings by an agent’s name is their current Shepherd rank.
  • Shepherds get one endorsement automatically when enough experience is earned with a team.
  • The team leader can grant an additional endorsement point by choosing to endorse.

What is a Shepherd?

  • When you use the “Call for Backup“ option, one or more agents can join your team to help.
  • Agents who “Answer the Call“ are Shepherds.
  • Agents with a Shepherd rank of 2 or more can help agents in other world tiers.
  • Shepherd ranks were added in Title Update 5.

Made by AngriestAlex to help out my fellow Shepherds